Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Posted on April 4th, 2016

Here are step-by-step instructions of how to register for the 2016 Football MUSS. Registration will take place here. Prior to registering you will log-into your ticket account. You must use your CIS email address ( If you have joined the MUSS or attended an athletic event in the last two years you probably already have an account. Enter your email and click ‘Forgot Password’ to have the password sent to you.

Page 1

Once you are logged into your account and registration goes on sale you will see this page. The first option is a student MUSS membership; you don’t need to select this option since registering for a student membership is required. The membership fee is $50. If you are registering one or two guests click the box in the left corner of the guest option and then select either one or two guests. A guest membership is $199. Then once you’ve selected your tickets you will click ‘Get Best Available Seats.’ (Please note: you will not have the option to choose your seats. Seating will be assigned based on your registration timestamp.)

Page 2

You will be required to verify you are an actual person and not a robot.

Page 3

Once you’ve selected your seats you will be taken to this page to confirm your order. Make sure you have registered for the correct amount of tickets. You will have five minutes to complete this page.

Page 4

The next page is the payment page. You will have ten minutes to complete this page. Again, please make sure your order amount is correct. You will enter your credit card information and address. (Please note: even though it asks for ‘shipping address’ your MUSS tickets will not be mailed to you! You will be required to pick-up your tickets at the end of August.)

Page 5

Please note you MUST accept the Terms and Conditions before continuing. Once your order is completed your timestamp will be recorded.

Page 5B

Once your order has been processed you will see this confirmation page (you will also receive a confirmation email with the same information). Make sure you click the link provided in order to enter your T-shirt size and/or group name. The link is

Page 6

On this page you will enter your T-shirt size and the sizes of your guest(s), if applicable. You will need your order number when submitting this info so make sure you keep track of that in your confirmation email.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.46.44 PM

Once you complete this page you are done!

Apply for the 2016 MUSS Board!

Posted on December 9th, 2015

Applications for the 2016 MUSS Board are available here. Applications are due Friday, Jan. 15, 2016.

The MUSS board is in charge of all things pertaining to The MUSS: marketing, registration, ticket distribution, T-shirt design, game-day atmosphere, tailgates, road trips, etc. Service on the MUSS Board begins in February and ends the following February. The MUSS Board oversees the Football, Basketball and Gymnastics MUSS.

ESPN College Game-Day Info

Posted on October 6th, 2015

All the info you need for Game-Day can be found here.

We expect The MUSS to be camping out Friday night, to be the loudest and craziest in the crowd on Saturday morning and then of course, to bring the atmosphere to Rice-Eccles on Saturday night. Tell all your friends and don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to represent The MUSS, the Utes and our great school.


Crimson Rally – Win Front-Row tix for the Cal game

Posted on October 6th, 2015

The Crimson Rally is Thursday, Oct. 8th from 8 p.m.-9 p.m. on the Union Lawn. There will be food, fireworks, games, Coach Whitt and more! We will have a poster-making station to make your most creative sign for the Utah vs. Cal football game. Coach Whitt will pick his favorite and that student will win two front-row MUSS tix for the football game (must be a U of U student to win). Then you can take your poster to Game-Day on Saturday!


Cheez-It Real Fan of the Week

Posted on October 6th, 2015

Enter to win the Cheez-It Real Fan of the Week at College Game-Day this weekend. Applications are due Thursday by 7 p.m.

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