Football MUSS Registration Update

Posted on March 4th, 2013

Due to technical issues during the 2012 football season, The MUSS will be unable to award early registration to members based on number of games attended, as we had hoped. The ticket scanners at Rice-Eccles Stadium record data through a Wi-Fi connection, and at high traffic times this connection was lost and scanners failed to accurately record the student data. Because of this and other scanning-related issues, we do not feel we can accurately award early registration based on attendance.

The Utah ticket office, Rice-Eccles Stadium and campus IT are working on resolving this issue so in the future we can reward MUSS members based on their attendance. However, at this time we feel it would be unfair to base registration on the 2012 football data.

Football MUSS registration for the 2013 season will open to all students in April. We have decided to divide registration into three days, and you will register alphabetically based on your last name.

Wednesday, April 10, noon: A-G

Thursday, April 11, noon: H-O

Friday, April 12, noon: P-Z

MUSS membership is $40, and each MUSS member is allowed to register ONE nonstudent guest for an additional $215. The price has gone up because there will be one additional home game for the 2013 season and all of our costs have increased over the past few years. We need to raise the price in order to provide MUSS members with the best experience possible.

More registration details will be announced soon!

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