How To Register For The MUSS

Posted on August 2nd, 2013

Before you can register for The MUSS you must activate a student account. You can do this here

*You must enter your umail address as your email address, and you must use the email with your student ID number. For example:

Once you activate your student account you can log-into that account hereAgain, you must be sure to log-in with your student ID email address ( If you log-in with a different email you will not be allowed to purchase tickets.

Once in your account you will click ‘buy tickets’ and then select ‘MUSS Student Registration.’ MUSS membership is $40 and you are allowed to register one non-student guest for an additional $215.

You will have the option to purchase one or two tickets; if you choose two tickets it means you are selecting one student ticket and one guest ticket (the cost for a guest ticket is $215). You will then enter your T-shirt size and after that you will enter your credit card information.

You are no longer allowed to join or create a MUSS seating group. From this point on when you register you will receive the next available seat in The MUSS section.

Ticket distribution will begin on Thursday, August 22 at the Alumni House. Exact dates and times will be announced soon.

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