MUSS Registration Explanation: A-G

Posted on April 11th, 2013

We understand the frustrations of everyone in the A-G group who tried to register for The MUSS yesterday. We apologize for theĀ inconvenienceĀ this has caused you. We have identified the causes of the problems and we believe they have been resolved.

The decision to shut down registration and move A-G to Monday was based on several factors, but the biggest factor was the fact that not everyone in the group was allowed to purchase tickets. When the option to purchase tickets finally did become available many people who had been waiting since noon were never able to buy tickets; they were still getting a page with no ticket options. We did not feel this was fair to all members of the group, especially the members who had been trying to register since noon.

We do realize a handful of you were actually able to get through and purchase tickets; those tickets will be cancelled and you will be refunded. You will need to re-register on Monday at noon. We understand your frustration about getting through the process only to have to do it again on Monday but again, we need to make the process fair for everyone and yesterday was not an even playing field.

Our goal every year is to provide the best experience possible for the students. We are using a new ticket vendor this year because we hoped it would make the registration process better. However, with a new system always comes new surprises. We know this will be a great football season and we thank you for making The MUSS the greatest student section in the country.

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